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    Just Average Jen’s BBQ Essentials!

    June 20th, 2017, no responses

    Firemizer has teamed up with another online producer to make people aware of what firemizer can really do. Jen is a full time Mum, this means everything in her house has to be in tip top shape. So we thought let’s send her a firemizer and see how she gets on! with the recent blazing […]

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    Craft with Cartwright’s BBQ top tips!

    June 1st, 2017, no responses

    Craft with Cartwright know how to have the perfect BBQ this summer! BBQ’s can be quite a hassle when it comes down to preparing it and cooking it. check out Craft with Cartwright’s top tips to make it easier and more enjoyable. Craft with Cartwright is a British blogger that specializes helpful tips and tricks […]

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    Eco Fluffy Mama Reviews Firemizer!

    May 31st, 2017, no responses

    Firemizer welcomes another reviewer to it’s ranks, ECO Fluffy Mama gives her opinion on Firemizer! ECO Fluffy Mama is British Blogger that has been nominated for and won multiple awards. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Tamsins (ECO Fluffy Mama) Blogs focus on her green lifestyle and environmentally friendly products! Tamsin (ECO Fluffy Mama) […]

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    Firemizer VLOG

    April 20th, 2017, no responses

    Watch the VLOG below to get a quick tip and a little review!   Remember Firemizer is a money back guarantee product, so you have nothing to lose! Buy your Firemizer now for £19.99!

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    Getting More Out Of Your Firemizer!

    April 4th, 2017, no responses

    The Warm weather is officially here! On the 15th March, we had the hottest day of 2017 and reached a whopping 18°C…. I know it’s not quite sunbathing heat but it’s a step in the right direction. It won’t be long now until dads and their pasty white arms are flipping burgers or delving into […]

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    Modern Gardens!

    April 4th, 2017, no responses

    Modern Gardens have explored the outside use of Firemizer and have recommended it to their readers! You’ll spot us in the April edition under the best outdoor cookers article. Many people don’t realize that Firemizer can actually be used in a range of different scenarios. For example, if you own a chiminea, take your Firemizer […]

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    Family Makes!

    March 22nd, 2017, no responses

    Interested in reading an in-depth review of Firemizer? Check out Family Makes! Family Makes are a Family orientated website that covers anything that benefits modern life from gadgets, trials and tutorials Family Makes covers it all. We sent a Firemizer over so they can experience it first hand and share there thoughts. To see what […]

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    Fifi Friendly!

    March 10th, 2017, no responses

    Fifi is an award winning green lifestyle blogger that focuses on all things natural. We sent her over Firemizer to try it out first hand. Have a little read of her Blog and see what shee thinks to Firemizer.  Click here! Fifi Friendly    

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    March 7th, 2017, no responses

    LandLove celebrates a more traditional way of life and the beauty of the British countryside, it’s key focus is to inform the readers of ways to enhance their life whether it be a recipe or a clever little appliance. LandLove really highlights all things British. With Firemizer being invented and produced in the UK we […]

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    2016 A Year In Review

    February 17th, 2017, one response

    Wow what a Year! This year has been a real eye opener for Firemizer. As a team we felt that we learned a lot and have really grown. So what have we been up to? The team have been really active this year. From the scorching heat of Oregon US to the frost of an […]

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    Video Blog Introduction

    November 16th, 2016, no responses

    One small click for man, one giant leap for Firemizer Firemizer is stepping into a new venture, the world that is Vlogging! We will release “VLOGS” on a weekly basis to inform and connect with our audience. A range of topics will be covered such as product updates, advice & tips, latest projects and even […]

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    Sweater Weather

    October 18th, 2016, no responses

    As we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to Autumn, you’ll notice more and more that people are reaching in to the dark depths of their cupboard for thick woolly jumpers, have no fear Firemizer has you covered. With autumn here and winter on our doorsteps it’s the perfect time to prepare and plan […]

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    Father’s Day Gift Idea

    June 3rd, 2016, no responses

    Father’s Day is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to start planning the perfect gift for your father to show him how much he means to you. Everyone loves feeling appreciated, and what better way to show how much you appreciate your father, the man who has taught you so much in life, […]

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    Firemizer awarded with ‘New Product World Award’

    May 18th, 2016, no responses

    The Firemizer was awarded the prestigious ‘New Product World Award’ at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, which was presented by the DIY Network. We are so honored and humbled for the recognition and received great comments from judges and visitors

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    Give your Hearth a Makeover

    May 16th, 2016, no responses

    A fireplace is a magnificent feature in your home. However, over time you might decide to renovate your house, which means you will probably have to give the hearth a makeover too. Nowadays, you can just simply reface the fireplace to fit in with style of the whole room. This applies to moving into a […]

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    4 Tips on How To Make Your Fireplace Mantel Stand Out

    May 3rd, 2016, one response

    You’ve finally got the perfect stove installed, you have had your chimney swept, so what’s the next step? Making the area look aesthetically pleasing so you can enjoy your fire with a beautiful surrounding? Here are 4 ways to add visual appeal to your fireplace mantel. Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Adding a mirror above […]

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    Importance of Smoke Alarms

    April 11th, 2016, no responses

    If you own a fireplace, wood-burner or a multi-fuel stove then it is absolutely crucial that you have a smoke alarm installed in your home. Why? Because it can save lives. Smoke alarms can detect smoke fast, giving you time to get out of the house if there was ever a fire. The National Fire […]

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    3 Ways to Make Your Leftover Wood Ashes Useful

    April 1st, 2016, no responses

    Once the fire is completed, most people would remove the cooled off ashes and dispose it. What most people may not be aware of is that, wood ashes can actually be very useful! Did you know that wood ashes can… Act as a Natural Pest Repellent? It’s true… wood ashes can actually keep slugs and […]

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    Indications of a chimney fire and what to look out for

    March 14th, 2016, no responses

    When you think of winter, do you imagine yourself snuggling up on your sofa all wrapped up warm in the comfort of your own home in front of a cosy warm glowing fire with a nice cup of coffee in hand? When you are enjoying moments like that, how often do you really think about […]

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    3 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosier

    March 2nd, 2016, no responses

    The temperatures are low and unfriendly in the winter season which often makes us want to explore different ways for warmth. There are so many ways you can make your home feel cosy. Here are 3 little changes you can make to give you that homely cosy feeling:   Light Your Fire  Lighting your fireplace/stove […]

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    13 Things to do in Winter

    February 19th, 2016, no responses

    When the weather outside is chilly, finding things to do in the winter can be a challenge, so we have come up with 13 things you can do to enjoy the long winter seasons.

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    Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

    February 8th, 2016, no responses

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Some of you may already have an idea or a plan for the day on how to show your special someone your love and appreciation. For those who may not have a plan yet or are still thinking of an idea for the evening, why not do something a little […]

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    3 Great Fire Safety Tips When Using a Hearth for Hearth Owners

    January 20th, 2016, no responses

    Lighting a fire can be fun and with the increasing number of hearth owners, it is vital that we ensure that safety is always first. We have put together 3 easy to remember fire safety tips when using your hearth. First and foremost, always make sure you have enough space for your fire to burn. […]

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    Try Something New This New Year

    January 11th, 2016, no responses

    Now that winter has arrived, the months ahead will feel a lot longer, darker and colder. As the weather gets chillier, you will be extra likely to spend more time indoors. Now is time to ensure your home can provide you with as much warmth, so you can be as comfy and cosy as you […]

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    Firemizer Coming Soon to your Local B&Q Store!

    January 8th, 2016, no responses

      Firemizer is currently available at B&Q online! Simply click on the link below to go directly to the product page on the B&Q site. http://www.diy.com/departments/firemizer-fire-fuel-saver/1104417_BQ.prd   The beauty of Firemizer is its simplicity!    

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    Christmas Jumper Day 2015

    December 21st, 2015, no responses

    Last Friday, the Firemizer team took part in Christmas Jumper Day, where we all put on our Festive Christmas Jumpers to raise money for TextSanta for the 3 amazing charities (Save the Children, Macmillan Cancer Support and Make-A-Wish UK). As a team we raised around £40. What a fantastic day we had – playing Christmas […]

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    Firemizer on TV!

    December 21st, 2015, no responses

    We are so proud to announce that Firemizer will be on TV on the QVC Channel on the 29th of December 2015! We understand that the Christmas holidays is a busy time for everyone but if you want to sit back and take a short break from all the Christmas festivities than look no further! […]

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    A Useful Gift For That Person Who Is Hard To Buy For

    December 15th, 2015, no responses

    Buying Christmas presents can be tough, especially for that one person who is hard to buy for because they say every year that they’ve already got everything they need. Does this situation sound like yours? You end up buying something for someone that may never get used just because you feel the need to get […]

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    5 Things to Prepare For in Readiness for Christmas

    December 7th, 2015, no responses

    Christmas is a busy time for everyone, you need to think about the food, the guests (if you are hosting the Christmas meal), the presents and the entertainment. Here are 5 steps you may wish to follow to help you prepare for Christmas: Presents Making a list of all the presents you want to purchase […]

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    7 Ways to Keep Warm on a Budget

    December 2nd, 2015, no responses

    Winter is fast approaching, the air is much cooler and the nights are getting darker much sooner. It is very tempting to put the heater on – after all, you only need to flick a switch, but needless to say this is not the only way to keep warm, there are other practical and low […]

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    7 Easy Steps on How To Light A Fire Using The Top-Down Method

    November 17th, 2015, no responses

    Are you tired of trying to keep a fire lit but no matter how hard you try, the fire keeps going out? Well, here is one great way to light a fire to keep it going. The top-down approach – a method that works well in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves! Step 1 Begin by placing […]

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    We are excited for Christmas Jumper Day 2015!

    November 17th, 2015, no responses

    Text Santa is back! This year the Firemizer team will be partaking in the annual Christmas Jumper Day on the 18th of December 2015 in aid of Save the Children, Macmillan Cancer Support and Make-A-Wish UK. Last year was a great success all members of staff put on their most festive Christmas jumpers on and […]

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    Operation Christmas Child 2015

    November 16th, 2015, no responses

    This year The Firemizer Team will be donating and sending off a couple of shoeboxes full of useful items and presents to children who are either suffering from natural disasters, diseases, famine and are victims of war. We want to get involved in changing the children’s lives through the power of a simple gift and […]

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    Firemizer Launches with The Grommet (The Launch!)

    October 28th, 2015, no responses

    The launch was a HUGE success! From being one of only 2,000 products to be chosen out of 60,000 products, the Firemizer team were so proud (and still are!). From the initial stage of telling our story, to being chosen, to working closely with The Grommet in readiness for the launch was a new experience […]

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    Firemizer Launches with The Grommet!

    October 22nd, 2015, no responses

    We are pleased to announce that The Grommet is running with Firemizer! What’s The Grommet? The Grommet is an online product launch platform for early-stage consumer products from independent makers, inventors and entrepreneurs, with more than 60,000 products that have been reviewed by The Grommet, Firemizer was one of only 2,000 products or 3% that […]

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    You cannot beat a real fire…

    October 7th, 2015, no responses

    So why not enjoy it for longer? Don’t you just love staring into a glowing roaring fire when it is cold and wet outside? … I do, but there is one downside to having a real wood-burning fire! Some of you may agree and some may not but that is, there is nothing more of […]

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    3 Advantages of a Wood Burning Stove

    September 17th, 2015, one response

    There is a growing number of people using wood-burners in their own homes as their main source of heating, here are 3 advantages of a wood-burner: Decorative and Provides Heat One of the main benefits of a wood-burner is that it provides heat, but it can also be a remarkable decorative focal point in the centre of […]

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    Autumn Fair 2015

    September 15th, 2015, no responses

    Autumn is finally here! Did anyone attend the Autumn Fair last week at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, UK? We did! The Firemizer team got to see some of the biggest brands come together to showcase their upcoming seasonal products. There were so many amazing new products; we did not know where to look first! […]

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    How to Safely Light a Chiminea

    August 19th, 2015, no responses

    It is that time of year again, the weather is warm but not boiling hot, yet it is not cold enough to light a fire indoors either BUT just because it is not cold enough to light a fire indoors, does not mean you cannot light a fire outdoors. As tempting as it may be […]

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    Find your local stockist

    July 28th, 2015, no responses

    Find your nearest store If you prefer to have a look at Firemizer before you buy, you may like to visit one of our stockists. The majority of our stockists are independent stove shops but we also work with a number of retailers and online shops. If you are near any of the areas below, […]

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    The Hearth and Home Show 2015

    June 12th, 2015, no responses

    Another great well attended exhibition! The Hearth and Home exhibition held at Harrogate International Centre in North Yorkshire, England put on a brilliant show. We had a very good catch up with our stockist, Landy Vent UK – it’s always great to see familiar faces! Landy Vent’s stand was fantastic! Whilst walking the show, we found […]

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    2 weeks until the Hearth & Home Exhibition!

    May 28th, 2015, no responses

    Just under 2 weeks to go! We are super thrilled to travel up to Harrogate, UK for the annual Hearth & Home Exhibition show! The exhibition is widely regarded as Europe’s leading showcase for the fireplace industry. Since the launch of our unique money-saving product, Firemizer has been proven popular within the stove industry! It […]

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    NACS Exhibition Show 2015

    April 24th, 2015, no responses

    What a great exhibition! We attended the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) exhibition show yesterday at Stratford–upon-Avon, UK and went around all the stands speaking to all the friendly staff members about their amazing products! After speaking with the President of NACS, he believes Firemizer will be of interest to many chimney sweepers and […]

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    Red Nose Day at Firemizer HQ!

    March 16th, 2015, one response

    Red Nose Day Friday 13 March 2015 As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events across the nation, Red Nose Day brings everyone together to do something fun to raise money. This year Microtex Products Ltd have taken part in raising money on Red Nose Day to help transform the lives of millions of people […]

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    Spring Fair Trade Show 2015

    February 6th, 2015, no responses

    Spring Fair International held at the NEC (Birmingham, UK) is one of the main buying events for retailers. My colleague and I have recently visited the trade show and were amazed by all the products out there. Although we didn’t have a stand this year for our product, we can definitely envisage having a Firemizer […]

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    The perfect fire creates the perfect evening!

    January 15th, 2015, no responses

    After a long day outside, we decided to have a few drinks and quiet night in. We all gathered around the fire, telling stories and catching up. The atmosphere was warm and cosy, the fire was mesmerizing, very relaxing. After a while, and a few drinks more, a friend commented that the fire seemed to last forever and […]

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    Successful Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children!

    December 12th, 2014, no responses

    What great team spirit! What better way to raise money for charity than to wear our Festive Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children! Being able to wear our fun and festive jumpers and donating money to help children around the world is just a great feeling! Knowing each pound donated to the charity can provide a […]

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    The NEW and IMPROVED second generation….

    November 10th, 2014, no responses

    The original WoodMiser and CoalMiser products have been a great success over the past 3 years hitting the shelves all over the UK! Microtex Products Ltd has now developed a second generation of this technology and re-branded the product as ‘Firemizer’. This singular product can be used with both wood and coal so you now have two ways of burning solid fuel for the price of one !

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