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  • 7 Easy Steps on How To Light A Fire Using The Top-Down Method

    Are you tired of trying to keep a fire lit but no matter how hard you try, the fire keeps going out? Well, here is one great way to light a fire to keep it going. The top-down approach – a method that works well in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves! Step 1 Begin by placing […]

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    How to create the perfect fire

    We all love to sit in front of a real fire on a cold winter’s night, although it can take a little practice to create the perfect fire. The first thing you should always do is ensure that your solid fuel stove is installed and is in good working condition. Remember to check the last time you had your chimney swept as all chimneys should be swept annually by a qualified chimney sweep to prevent chimney fires. Also make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the room where you wish to light your fire.

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    How to light a fire

    Lighting a fire in a wood stove or a fireplace can be achieved quite easily. However, it is not as straight forward as people often think! There are various ways to light a fire, so with practice you will soon find the way that works best for you and we hope that the following tips will help.

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    How to choose a stove

    Choosing the right stove for your home is a very personal decision as it will be the focal point of your living space and there are many models to choose from. So, to narrow down the options you should start by considering these questions:

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    How to choose a solid fuel

    Using dry seasoned wood is more effective in creating the perfect fire over wet unseasoned wood. Why? Because wet wood contain a lot of moisture which when heated up, turns into steam, and can reduce the heat output by nearly 50%. Burning wet unseasoned wood causes excessive creosote to form in chimneys as the wet, high density smoke condenses onto the wall of the flue. This not only makes your chimney more difficult to sweep but can also increase the chance of a chimney fire!

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    Top 6 tips for burning less wood

    There are many ways to heat your home, one of the cheapest ways of doing so is by burning wood. Follow our six top tips and you will bound to save money this winter on solid fuel costs!

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