• The product
  • Was ist Firemizer?

    How is it manufactured?

    Firemizer is manufactured from a special blend of stainless steel alloys using a patented process which involves displacing molten metal at >2900F onto a fast spinning cooled drum to create the extremely durable and conductive metal fibers. These fibers are then welded together and cut to create a flexible heat grid that can be placed at the base of a stove or hearth to spread the heat evenly and make the fire burn longer.

    The stainless steel alloys are cooled at 1 million degrees per second during the patented manufacturing process to give Firemizer its unique properties.

    What size is it?

    Firemizer is available in the following size:

    Dimensions: 14in x 20in (35.6cm x 50.8cm) for stoves and fireplaces

    What people are saying about Firemizer…

    Natasha Newman

    “We have used the Firemizer for the last couple of weeks, and have been very impressed as the amount of wood used in one evening has reduced considerably. We have even found the ash still glowing in the morning! Would recommend to anybody who Has a wood burner”


    “Just started using our firemizer and we love it! What a difference! Our wood lasts much longer and so little ash is left over because everything burns!”

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