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    1. "Das Produkt erfüllt alles was in der Werbung versprochen wird. Ich habe es bereits für mehrere Feuer verwendet und habe eine wesentlich geringere Reinigungszeit hinsichtlich der Asche bemerkt. Das Feuer brennt gleichmäßiger. Ich verwende den Firemizer in meinem Franklin Ofen. Die Temperatur im Ofen wird besser kontrolliert. Das Produkt ist einfach genial. Ich werde einen neuen Firemizer in den Ofen legen, sobald meiner Verfallserscheinungen aufweist – was er bis jetzt aber keineswegs tut."

      Mr. Dutka
    2. "Fantastic - the product ticks all the boxes it claims it can do. The other good thing it has done for me is that there are enough embers left overnight to relight the fire in the morning which saves time and materials."

      David Edmundson
    3. "very impressed, I have a petit godin multifuel stove so I only need 200mm round piece, but so far it seems to be using a lot less fuel, 30% at least. only give 4 out of 5, as there is always roam for improvement. bought direct, good delivery."

    4. "We tested the Firemizer and have to say it was brilliant. It is definitely worth the money. We have used with wood and also with coal and it made the world of difference and kept the fire and heat going up to four times longer. Saved us from having to keep topping up the fire. Will keep using."

      Wendy Slawson
    5. "Fantastic product. So easy to use and lives up to its claims of reducing wood consumption by 30%. Ash is very fine and makes for easy cleaning of the woodburner. On our second Firemizer and already recommending it to our friends both in UK and in Europe."

      Andrew Parkin
    6. "the wood might last for longer than normal but with a reference that says the firemizer should last for UP TO SIX WEEKS it is a very expensive piece of kit at almost £25.00. I wish that I had known that before I bought it. I will not buy another. I am very disappointed."

      Dr. G. Bond
      • "Firemizer will typically last for 500 burning hours - which is equivalent to 6 weeks if used for 12 hours per day – you will then notice some of the filaments starting to break and there will be a reduction in efficiency if it is not replaced. We want you to enjoy Firemizer and its advantages and do offer a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our product."

        The Firemizer Team
    7. "Wasn't quite sure how and if this would work but we gave it a go and it's brilliant. Used loads less logs, there was hardly any ash and the glass only got a little bit of soot on it instead of the baked on black that usually takes ages to clean off. Great product thank you."

    8. "We have used the Firemizer for the last couple of weeks, and have been very impressed as the amount of wood used in one evening has reduced considerably. We have even found the ash still glowing in the morning! Would recommend to anybody who has a wood burner."

      Natasha Newman
    9. "I was skeptical in believing claims made about fuel saving devices, but the FIREMIZER does exactly what it claims. I noticed less cleaning of ash, longer fires, it gives me more heat from less wood. I recommend it highly."

      Mr. Zavattaro from CT
    10. "Tried the firemizer last night for the first time, I was very skeptical about this product. I had a roaring fire going for about 6 hours last night and not once did I have to poke or prod the wood to keep burning. My wood lasted longer than expected, usually burn about 12 to 15 pieces, but only burned about 8 last night.. Great product, would recommend this to anyone who uses wood fires"

      Mr. Brian
    11. "This is a new product..and after 2 weeks I find it works GREAT!..I have a woodburning stove in my house for 40 years. The ashes I clean after each fire have a lot of "unburned" charcoal. After installing this product..all the ashes are ..fine powder and I notice the stove temperature stays high for a much longer burn! I recommend this product !!"

    12. "Works as advertised. I've used it for several fires now and have noticed cleaner burning down to ash. Fires burn more evenly. I use mine in a Franklin stove. The fire now respond to the damper settings is now more predictable so the room does not become to hot. Temperatures are better controlled. Great product. I will be buying another firemizer when mine wares out. So far mine is showing little ware if any."

      Mr. Dutka
    13. "Just started using our Firemizer and we love it! What a difference! Our wood lasts much longer and so little ash is left over because everything burns!"

    14. "My wood stove is my primary heat source. Since I started using the Firemizer a few weeks ago I find that the amount of ash I have to clean out of the stove is approximately 1/4 as compared to what was there before. Also the ash is much finer which probably means the wood is being burned more efficiently. I am definitely pleased with this product and will try to get the fireplace stores in my area to stock this product. I have recommended this product to my friends."

      Judy from NC