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    Reduce fuel usage by up to 38%

    When placed on the base of a stove or hearth, Firemizer will slow the air flow to reduce the burn rate of fuel. The heat will conduct evenly across the fire to ensure that all the solid fuel is fully burnt. The Firemizer grid also helps prevent the small fuel fragments falling through the grate or being left unburnt in the ash bed which further extends the duration of the burn.

    Firemizer has been proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 38% in independent tests.

    Firemizer has several other practical benefits.

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    What people are saying about Firemizer…


    “Just started using our Firemizer and we love it! What a difference! Our wood lasts much longer and so little ash is left over because everything burns!”

     Mr. Zavattaro

    “I was skeptical in believing claims made about fuel saving devices, but the FIREMIZER does exactly what it claims. I noticed less cleaning of ash, longer fires, it gives me more heat from less wood. I recommend it highly.”

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