How Firemizer Works

Firemizer is a non-catalytic fuel saving device and does not contain any chemicals.
The beauty of Firemizer is its simplicity!

Maximize duration
and efficiency of burn

Firemizer is made up of a special blend of stainless steel alloys to create a flexible grid which is placed on the base of your stove or hearth. It slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate of fuel, helping you to relax and enjoy your fire for up to 45 minutes longer.

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Reduce fuel usage
by up to 38%

Firemizer slows the burn rate of fuel as well preventing small fragments from falling through the grate, meaning you can burn less fuel, more efficiently. See how much money you could save with our calculator.

Minimise pollution and burn wood, guilt free

Independent tests by the University of Cambridge, University of Nottingham and leading appliance testing organisations have shown that Firemizer can significantly reduce creosote and particulate emissions. See the results for yourself.

Start saving money
with Firemizer today

Firemizer will typically last one season (500 burn hours on average with our recommended fuels) depending on your stove and fuel source. Order your product today to receive free UK delivery.

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"The Firemizer arrived promptly after ordering and fitted the grate perfectly. It slowed down the burn rate and seemed to produce a greater heat output. Minimal ash production. Really pleased with the product. Thanks.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mr. R P Gayne

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