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National Tree Week

National Tree Week

We’ve already had International Day of Forests, Earth Hour and Recycle Awareness Week – now it’s time for National Tree Week! Between 24th November and 2nd December, the Tree Council hold this week to for communities to improve their local treescape. With the help of various environmental organisations, local authorities, schools and community groups, National Tree Week gets everyone helping.

What’s so great about trees?

Trees provide so much to our everyday lives that mostly goes unnoticed, despite providing valuable habits, materials and especially oxygen. We get food from trees, fuel, building materials, clean polluted air, prevent flooding and conserve energy. Therefore, what’s not to love about trees?

The aim is for everybody to get their hands dirty planting a million trees, but there’s plenty more to do. Each community will offer something different, from historic tree walks, talks hosted by conservationists, or tree charter and dressing events. Pauline Buchanan Black, Director-General of The Tree Council, says “Whichever way people choose to mark the occasion, National Tree Week is a great time for individuals, communities and families across the UK to recognise and celebrate the value of trees.”

How do I find out what’s happening around me?

Futhermore, the Tree Council has a national newsletter, and local events are found at the Near You Map on their website. There are also lots of helpful posters, tips and ideas of ways you can get involved this year. Find out more at their website, here.

Recycle Awareness Week

Get Recycling Awareness Week:

From Monday 12th until Sunday 18th November, it’s Recycle Awareness Week! Started by Planet Ark in 1996, Recycle Awareness Week takes place to put a focus on the environmental benefits of recycling. It promotes kerbside, industrial and community-recycling initiatives meaning everyone can get in on the action. By giving people the tools to help manage their materials responsibly, we can dramatically reduce the levels of waste.

Schools and Workplaces

First of all, teaching children the important benefits of recycling is the best way of continuing this tradition and protecting our environment. For example, recycling games and ‘junk to funk’ projects get young minds engaged and find purpose for waste products. Introducing new recycling initiatives at work or even just refining the current ones allow workplaces to reduce their waste levels. Furthermore, joining cartridge-recycling programs and buying recycled office products are the best places to start.

What are the statistics?

Statistics show that recycling in the UK is actually down for the first time since monitoring began. Recycling has been on a steep incline since 2000/2001 where it was at 11.2%. As of 2017, it sits at 43.7%, a massive improvement reflecting the shift in social attitudes towards recycling. We know that if we want to protect our planet, recycling waste and cutting down on harmful plastics is crucial.

Firemizer and Firebuilder are both recyclable products. Firemizer helps reduce your solid fuel usage as well as reducing air pollutants caused by burning by 72%. Made from corrugated cardboard, Firebuilder helps you start the perfect fire every time without the need for any nasty chemicals like kerosene.

Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night

With the distant sky lighting up and the smell of smoke in the air, we know it’s finally bonfire night! Remember remember the 5th of November – gunpowder, treason and plot. Some think that the fireworks and bonfires on Guy Fawkes Night are to celebrate his attempt to attack British parliament. However, the tradition actually comes from bonfires the people of London started to celebrate King James I surviving the plot. Whilst it’s great to witness some fireworks and enjoy a hot chocolate, fire safety is more important than ever. The Firemizer team is here to give you some simple safety tips to make sure everyone enjoys the night safely.


Did you know?

Did you know that three sparklers held together produce the same heat as a blowtorch? Or that fireworks can travel speeds of up to the 150mph? Or, until 1959, it was actually illegal not to celebrate bonfire night? If you’re starting a bonfire, one box of Firebuilder can start you up to 10 perfect fires!

Firework safety:

Fireworks might be very beautiful to watch, but if not handled properly, they can be incredibly dangerous. Always make sure the firework is properly stood with no flammable materials or plants around it. Maintain a safe distance after lighting it, and make sure everyone else is a suitable distance away – especially children. In recent years, just under 1000 injuries throughout October and November were caused by fireworks. Half of those were children, injured by fireworks or not handling sparklers correctly.

Sparkler safety:

Sparklers might seem less dangerous than fireworks, but misuse of them can lead to some nasty injuries. Before lighting them, always make sure it’s not too windy and anyone holding them is wearing gloves. Keep each individual sparkler away from any others, holding it at the base away from yourself. Always ensure there’s a bucket of water to dispose of sparklers when finished, as they can stay incredible hot for a long time after the spark has gone out.

Pet safety:

We know the loud noises around the 5th are fireworks, but pets don’t and can be easily spooked by them. If a pet is scared and hides, don’t try to prise them out as this could distress them further. For dogs, ensure they’ve been properly walked during the day and that smaller pets have everything they could need for the evening. Closing windows and curtains can reduce the noise, and turning on the TV can distract them further.


Here’s a great link with more safety tips and ways to enjoy the evening.

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