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2017 as one of the hottest years on record

According to a new climate change report from the United Nations, UK Met Office and NASA, 2017 was the second hottest year on record – even without the added influence of El Niño.

What is El Niño?

The past three years have been dubbed the ‘hottest on record’ since first recorded in the 19th century. However unlike 2015 and 2016, last year was the only to not feature natural warming phenomenon El Niño. El Niño is caused by the cycle of warm and cold temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and raises the global surface temperature. 2016 still remains the hottest by 0.1°C, but 2015 clocks in just shy of 2017’s global average surface temperature. Comparatively, 2017’s global surface temperature was 0.5°C higher than 1998 and is overall 1°C hotter than the pre-industrial era (1850-1900).

2017 saw more frequent natural disasters, particularly in America, with two category 4 hurricanes and forest fires raging across California. Floods hit Asia, earthquakes devastated the Middle East and the effects of Hurricane Maria are still affecting Puerto Rico.

What about CO2 and air quality?

WMO secretary-general Petteri Taalas explained that “seventeen of the 18 warmest years on record have all been during this century, and the degree of warming during the past three years has been exceptional.”

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, carbon dioxide levels currently rest at 405 points to a million.

This proves that human-produced carbon emissions are now outpacing the biggest naturally occurring contributor to the planet’s climate. With large areas of poor air quality, it is more important than ever to ensure the fire you’re burning is as clean as possible. Firemizer reduces air particulates by 72% and helps solid fuel to last up to 38% longer, meaning you can do your bit to reduce emissions and help preserve everyone’s home.


How-to use Firemizer & Firebuilder

Instructions for how-to use Firemizer & Firebuilder together:

Unsure of how-to get the most out of your Firemizer and Firebuilder? Follow these easy steps:

  • Place your Firemizer on the base or grate of your fire
  • Place one Firebuilder flat on the grate (tip: it easily snaps into two for smaller grates or stoves)
  • Light under the edge of the Firebuilder
  • Allow the Firebuilder to ignite through it’s unique draught technology and wait for the flames to become established
  • Add fuel, just sit back and enjoy a beautiful fire that lasts even longer.

Alternatively you can watch the video below to achieve a better understanding!

Firemizers round-up of 2017!

2017 is over!

Now we find ourselves finishing off the last of the leftover turkey sandwiches in the early days of 2018, now seems a perfect time to reflect on the successes that Microtex Products have had over the past year – with growing purchases of Firemizer in the US market and the introduction of its sister-product Firebuilder in the UK market, homes across both continents have been enjoying their fireplaces and wood-burning stoves for cheaper and longer over the festive period.


Firemizer (a unique heat grid that is easy to use and optimises the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves) continued its strong sales in the UK market and concluded 2017 with its best month of US website sales in December, whilst Firebuilder (an odourless and kerosene-free firelighter that doubles as kindling) enjoyed a strong introduction to the UK market. Both were featured on multiple blogs with glowing reviews –

  • Green & beauty blogger Fifi Friendly said “Honest pants on, I was a little sceptical and set out to test their claims […] Better heat, longer burn time, money-saving and easier to clean… bonus! It totally works.”
  • UK-based-attractions website What’s Good To Do described the combination of Firemizer and Firebuilder as able to produce a “warm room very quickly in half the time of my usual fires […] these items are without
    Kerosene and odourless, quicker and also made of recycled material so have to recommend them.”
  • Green living Eco Fluffy Mama thought that it “actually made the fire look really pretty […] it’s also made cleaning out the ash pan a much more pleasant experience.”
  • French-based Family bloggers Family Makes reported that “our son has been working over there and has certainly seen the benefit […] he seems to be using fewer logs, and they last longer and burn more thoroughly.”
  • Craft with Cartwright, a freelance illustrator and craftswoman, taught us how Firemizer is the perfect companion to a BBQ – “it slows down the air flow and reduces the burn rate […] giving you a longer time period to cook for, great when you are entertaining from lunch into evening.” On her BBQ essentials, health blogger Just Average Jen mentioned that Firemizer allowed her to “cook more items than normal as it was still hot so
    we cooked some food for the following day!”
  • Finally, videogame and tech enthusiast DadGeek said “it gave us a really decent campfire all evening and well into the night […] I’d really recommend it for people who are heavy/regular users of a fire pit or barbecue as the main benefit is going to be those mid-to-long term fuel savings.”


Firemizer also found itself featured in national newspaper The Sun’s ‘Sun Savers’, a collection of products that help to save money during the chilly November months.

Our top tips for beating the chills of November without racking up huge bills — plus find out high street deals from Sun Savers


In 2017, Microtex attended its first Exhibition show – the Grand Designs Exhibition show held in Birmingham’s NEC Arena, hosted by Kevin McCloud. Over the course of five (very long but rewarding) days, we had the chance to speak face-to-face with new customers and old supporters of Firemizer and Firebuilder and convey the true ingenuity of the products ourselves. We enjoyed doing the show so much; we’ve booked ourselves in to exhibit at the Columbus Home & Garden Show in Ohio this February and Countryfile Live at Blenheim Castle in August!

Other Developments

The Firemizer team also participated in Movember last year, trying our hardest to grow out our moustaches in the name of changing the face of men’s health. Though it could be argued that our facial hair wasn’t that impressive, the £292 that we raised for the charity certainly was – here’s to another great Movember helping a great cause!

2017 also marked the beginning of a partnership with Canadian fan and heating manufacturer Caframo, meaning Firemizer will be distributed in Canada in its new French/English packaging and is available to buy on Amazon!

And now 2018 is upon us, Firemizer and Firebuilder are enjoying a completely refreshed website, courtesy of m360 graphic designers – the new website features a cleaner layout, updated research findings and is generally more streamlined and intuitive. This means that buying with us has never been quicker or easier, so be sure to look out for our new website launch in the coming days.

Let’s hope the future of Firemizer and Firebuilder stays bright as we tackle this year with a fire roaring in our bellies and in our hearths too.



All you need to know about Firebuilder! the all in one Fire lighter!

Firebuilder, the sister-product of Firemizer, is the easiest and most efficient way to get a perfect fire going in your barbeque, chiminea or home fireplace. The genius of this firelighter truly lies in its simplicity – made of 100% recycled cardboard, the unique draught technology of Firebuilder ensures that the airflow of the fire produces a fuller flame and faster heat production without the intrusion of chemicals like kerosene. This means it’s odourless and great to cook with, safety-conscious and environmentally friendly!

Using Firebuilder couldn’t be easier – simply place one grid flat on your grate or stove (or snap the grid into two for smaller models), ignite the corner and the let the unique design do the rest of the work until the fire has become established (without the interference of kindling or chemicals), then finally add your fuel (with a Firemizer grate if you want your fire to last over a third longer). The whole of grid is consumed during its lifespan, which means there’s no mess to clean up afterwards either.

Firebuilder is also the perfect companion to any outdoor enthusiast as it does not require any extra kindling and one pack has the potential to make up to 10 fires faster than any comparable products currently on the market – extensive product research and testing has proven that whilst other market firelighters can take up to 42 minutes to achieve 1kw of heat, Firebuilder takes a mere 27 minutes. Starting campfires, barbeques or chimineas has never been as quick, clean or easy!

Whether it’s for cooking up a meal and enjoying a summer in the great outdoors, or putting on the fireplace in winter to warm the family home, Firebuilder makes the process of starting the perfect fire quicker, cleaner, and much easier – don’t find yourself without one whatever the season!

All you need to know about Firemizer!

Here’s all you need to know about Firemizer , it’s a suspiciously simple yet incredibly effective product – so much so that everything you could possibly need to know about the product and how it drastically improves your wood or coal-burning fire falls under its three best qualities; Efficient, Environmental, and Economic.

Firstly, Firemizer boasts an exceptionally efficient nature that helps to save you over a third of your solid fuel source (38%, if you want be precise); by slowing down the airflow to the body of the fire, Firemizer reduces the burn-rate and its stainless-steel-alloy mesh evenly distributes the heat across the entire base of your wood or coal-burning stove or fireplace. This means that with the addition of Firemizer, your fire will burn far more resourcefully than it ever did before.

Secondly, Firemizer is a helpful tool in the battle against climate change; it is non-catalytic, chemical-free and with its cardboard packaging, entirely recyclable –

you can use the leftover stove ash in your garden as compost for plants and make the planet even greener! Firemizer reduces excess creosote tars that build up in chimneys by 57% and general air pollutants by 72%, and with 38% of extra life added to your fire, a third of your wood or coal resources are saved in the process!

Finally, and most importantly to some, are the economic benefits. By reducing the amount of solid fuel needed and simultaneously increasing the lifespan of your fire, Firemizer immediately starts helping you save on energy bills from the second it’s placed under your fire until the end of its lifespan (typically around 500 burn hour or one season). Through the reduction of creosote tars, it also ensures that chimney sweeping and overall fireplace or stove maintenance will be needed far less frequently, opening yet another avenue to save money.

So stop throwing your money and resources into the fire – purchase a Firemizer and start burning efficiently, environmentally and economically!

America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day – On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (perhaps more commonly known as the bad guys in the 2007 cinema classic, The Simpsons Movie) recognized the nation’s advancement towards creating a cleaner, brighter and more sustainable future with regards to recycling – emphasizing the positive impact that this attitude has had towards employment, the economy and most importantly, the environment. Instead of generating a collective groan like any dad’s recycled jokes will usually receive, recycling waste products actually reduces the space needed in landfills and amounts of harmful gases created by incinerators. This leaves the country’s beautiful landscape unharmed whilst also aiding employment and the economy through the creation of jobs within the emerging recycling industry.

Firemizer, as an entirely recyclable product, fits as comfortably into this celebration as comfortably as it fits beneath any solid fuel fire or stove – with cardboard packaging, a non-catalytic nature and zero product waste left behind after use, Firemizer is the perfect companion product to America Recycles Day. By slowing the airflow and allowing the fire to conduct more evenly, Firemizer increases the lifespan of the fire by over a third whilst reducing excess creosote tars by 57% and air particulates by 72%. With the addition of Firebuilder – a kerosene-free, odourless 100% recycled-cardboard fire-starter that doubles as kindling – getting the most out of your fire or stove has never been easier. This means a warm evening by the fire is made even warmer with the knowledge that you’re saving the planet (as well as money on your fuel consumption).

There are plenty of other ways to help out the environment and reduce your carbon footprint; using energy-efficient light bulbs is another bright idea to save money on energy bills, double-sided printing can massively cut down on paper consumption, and using leftover coffee grounds (or the excess stove ash after using Firemizer) as compost can help if your plants and garden need a boost.

Celebrate America Recycles Day by doing your part in keeping the planet clean and green!

Firemizer & The Peoples Friend Magazine

A Mans Best friend!

Peoples Friend August

The Peoples Friend is a well rounded magazine that features everything from the latest trends to short stories.

Check out the August edition here!

If you are already subscribed to The peoples friend then you may have spotted Firemizer in there!

Last month Firemizer had a great opportunity to feature in the magazine. This allowed us the readers of the magazine to discover the money saving capability of Firemizer!

Subscribe now!


Just Average Jen's BBQ Essentials!

Firemizer has teamed up with another online producer to make people aware of what firemizer can really do.

Jen is a full time Mum, this means everything in her house has to be in tip top shape. So we thought let’s send her a firemizer and see how she gets on! with the recent blazing heat it was the perfect opportunity to fire up the BBQ.

Check out Jen’s full article on her website here.

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Craft with Cartwright's BBQ top tips!

Craft with Cartwright know how to have the perfect BBQ this summer!

BBQ’s can be quite a hassle when it comes down to preparing it and cooking it. check out Craft with Cartwright’s top tips to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Craft with Cartwright is a British blogger that specializes helpful tips and tricks improve your lifestyle. With firemizer allowing for a quicker cooking temperature on your BBQ we fell smack bang into her field!

“We used one in our barbecue for the first time this year and my mum was already eyeing up the firemizer for her stove at home.”

You can check out her full post on her website

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Eco Fluffy Mama Reviews Firemizer!

Firemizer welcomes another reviewer to it’s ranks,

ECO Fluffy Mama gives her opinion on Firemizer!

ECO Fluffy Mama is British Blogger that has been nominated for and won multiple awards. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Tamsins (ECO Fluffy Mama) Blogs focus on her green lifestyle and environmentally friendly products!

Tamsin (ECO Fluffy Mama) lives in the country side and uses her open fire as her main source of heating. In our eyes this was the perfect match!

“Like with anyone, I am always looking for ways to save money. But making savings for heating is pretty difficult since there are no switching providers like you do with gas.It also gets really cold here in the winter, meaning we get through firewood pretty quick.

So when Firemizer got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their product, of course, I bit their hand off!”

Check out the ECO Fluffy Mama website and read her full written Firemizer review

Or if you prefer you can watch her video review below!

A big thank you to Tamsin (ECO Fluffy Mama) for producing a great review
and giving her honest opinion

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