Month: March 2022

Getting Ready For The Spring Season

Spring has finally arrived and an important thing to do is to get ready to enjoy the best of it. To make sure you will enjoy the nice weather and sunny days you should be ready and do some little and important things. As a starter, here’s a quick guide to the 5 to do things to be prepared for spring:

Spring cleaning:

it may seem spring cleaning is not very important, but a bit of good housekeeping with fresh air and natural light can make it easier to clean your house more thoroughly. Start by opening each window in your house to allow fresh air to circulate inside. Then vacuum the mattress and change the bed lining with lighter sheets, to be ready for the warmer season. Then head to the wardrobe and collect all the dust from the winter period. Even in the rooms you usually clean thoroughly during the weekly housekeeping go deeper. For example, in the kitchen, open each cupboard and collect all the dust and clean everything there is inside it. Look for expiring dates on food labels. Most of the time we tend to overlook these things, but this is a good opportunity to get rid of old expired food, sitting in the back of cupboards or in the back of the fridge.

Clothes swap:

an obvious one, but sometimes is useful to spend more time doing this. People tend to forget about clothes, especially when there is plenty to choose from. This is a good opportunity to check for previous seasons clothes, maybe you forgot about, if they don’t fit or you think they’re becoming out of fashion, is yet another opportunity to get rid of them. However, make sure not to throw them away, as there is a chance to recycle them, by donating them or creating rags with old shirts. Same story with children’s clothes, but in this case, there may be some people you know with younger ones waiting for your children clothes to be passed down.


there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning your backyard and making it ready and presentable for the spring and summer parties at home with friends. First, start by collecting all the dirt and dead leaves from the ground. If needed cut the grass and trim the bushes. Then restore all the outdoor furniture, some of which may need some maintenance. Look for the fences, they may need a splash of color. Buy some flowers to decorate the garden to give a pop of color. With these little and very rewarding things, your garden will look brand new and ready for the great weather to come.


the cold season is over now and it’s time to start cooking light and fresh food. From now on you will start finding fresh vegetables everywhere, especially in local shops. After having set up the backyard is now time to focus on the barbeque; there’s nothing better than enjoying a good barbeque with your family and friends. A good chance to do so is during Easter time when the weather starts to be warmer and having lunches outside is enjoyable.

Shopping spree:

after spending time swapping clothes to match the good weather you may discover that you miss some clothes. This is an opportunity for a good shopping session, to buy new clothes and renew your style. Before starting, check for season trends and look around for some must-have clothes for the summer, maybe an accessory to complete your look. Go for lighter colors and breathable fibers, like linen and cotton, and you will discover that you can be fresh even during the hottest and most humid days of the season. Look for promos in your local stores, sometimes they make some discounts on new merch, so you can save.


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