Month: December 2017

All you need to know about Firebuilder! the all in one Fire lighter!

Firebuilder, the sister-product of Firemizer, is the easiest and most efficient way to get a perfect fire going in your barbeque, chiminea or home fireplace. The genius of this firelighter truly lies in its simplicity – made of 100% recycled cardboard, the unique draught technology of Firebuilder ensures that the airflow of the fire produces a fuller flame and faster heat production without the intrusion of chemicals like kerosene. This means it’s odourless and great to cook with, safety-conscious and environmentally friendly!

Using Firebuilder couldn’t be easier – simply place one grid flat on your grate or stove (or snap the grid into two for smaller models), ignite the corner and the let the unique design do the rest of the work until the fire has become established (without the interference of kindling or chemicals), then finally add your fuel (with a Firemizer grate if you want your fire to last over a third longer). The whole of grid is consumed during its lifespan, which means there’s no mess to clean up afterwards either.

Firebuilder is also the perfect companion to any outdoor enthusiast as it does not require any extra kindling and one pack has the potential to make up to 10 fires faster than any comparable products currently on the market – extensive product research and testing has proven that whilst other market firelighters can take up to 42 minutes to achieve 1kw of heat, Firebuilder takes a mere 27 minutes. Starting campfires, barbeques or chimineas has never been as quick, clean or easy!

Whether it’s for cooking up a meal and enjoying a summer in the great outdoors, or putting on the fireplace in winter to warm the family home, Firebuilder makes the process of starting the perfect fire quicker, cleaner, and much easier – don’t find yourself without one whatever the season!

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