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2016 A Year In Review

Wow what a Year!

This year has been a real eye opener for Firemizer. As a team we felt that we learned a lot and have really grown.


So what have we been up to?

The team have been really active this year. From the scorching heat of Oregon US to the frost of an equestrian center in mid November.

Here are a few of our personal favorites.

    • Mother Earth News Show Oregon / The heat was so intense at this show we had to hand build an air-conditioner.


    • GLEE Trade Show / Our first show in the UK this year, we partnered up with The Green Olive Firewood Company.


    • Loyalty Scheme 2016 / For existing customers we offered a chance to win a “Winter Warmer Hamper”


    • Morley UKA Dog Show / One cold morning in November the team sponsored a dog show, this was a great chance to meet face to face with the consumer.


Things to watch out for in 2017!

    • Firemizer Austria Website / The launch of our new website aimed at Germanic speaking Europe


    • Mother Earth News / Belton, Texas / Feb 18th -19th


    • Emergency Preparness Expo / Dimondale, Michigan / April 1st


    • Mother Earth News / Asheville, North Carolina / May 6th-7th


    • Mother Earth News / Seven Springs, Pennsylvania  / Sept 15th – 17th


    • Grand Designs Live! / 11th – 15th October at NEC Birmingham

For news and coverage of events listed above, visit or follow us on social media!



Video Blog Introduction

One small click for man, one giant leap for Microtex – Introducing Firemizer!

We’re introducing Firemizer through a new venture, the world that is Social Media and Vlogging!

We will release “VLOGS” on a weekly basis to inform and connect with our audience.

A range of topics will be covered such as product updates, advice & tips, latest projects and even the environment.

Click the link below for a little introduction from Jason our Digital Marketing Manager, on what we therefore want to achieve this year:


Alternatively you can check out our Social medias to view our VLOGS:

US Facebook

UK Facebook


Sweater Weather


Sweater Weather

As we wave goodbye to Summer weather and say hello to Autumn, you’ll notice more and more that people are reaching in to the dark depths of their cupboard for thick woolly jumpers, have no fear Firemizer has you covered.

With autumn here and winter on our doorsteps it’s the perfect time to prepare and plan for the cold days ahead. I’m sure you’ll be stocking up on treats and comfort foods but you may also be stocking up on fuel for your fire or stove! It doesn’t matter if you chop the wood yourself or purchase it from a wood yard, it cost’s money, time and also a lot of effort.

This is where we come in, with our product we minimise all 3 issues. Firemizer reduces up to 38% of your fuel usage, so that means 38% of your hard earned cash saved, 38% less effort and the most important thing of all is that you will have 38% more time to relax and enjoy a longer lasting fire. Doesn’t that sound nice?

With solid fuel prices not being too kind on the old wallet, Firemizer gives you the urge to go buy your solid fuel, it will even leave you with some left over cash that’ll be burning a hole in your pocket (excuse the pun, I couldn’t resist) ready for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, if you know someone that has a fire or stove, what a perfect gift Firemizer is for them! What’s that saying? Two birds one stone? I think you understand what I’m getting at. Firemizer is the perfect tool so don’t miss out on a great accessory for every season.

Moral of the story, ditch the itchy sweater, buy a Firemizer and stick the fire on instead.


Feet Fire

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