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Bio-Bean’s Coffee Logs

We tried and tested Bio-Bean’s Recycled Coffee Logs!

The lovely folks over at Bio-Bean sent us some of their Premium Eco Coffee Logs to test in our log-burner. Paired with a Firemizer and Firebuilder, these little recycled pocket-rockets worked an absolute treat for our eyes and our stove!

We started with the Firemizer on the base of the stove and a Firebuilder burning on top. Made of used coffee-grounds collected from shops across the country, they reduce unnecessary greenhouse gases and need for landfill sites, getting that extra mile out of your Americano. The logs themselves still give off that lovely coffee aroma whilst in the packet, so handling and inspecting was joy.

The Review

We then threw the first coffee log on top of our Firebuilder, and within moments the log was burning nicely. As the logs are old coffee grounds, they retain about 20% more energy than wood, meaning they burn much faster. This was immediately noticeable – within minutes we had a fire going. The coffee logs do have a tendency to crumble and break apart, so be extra careful we stoking the fire. When we noticed the fire simmering down after a little while, we placed a couple more logs in to bring it back up and, sure enough, the fire was roaring again within minutes.

The coffee logs are an excellent way of getting a fire started quickly, or building it back up when dwindling. They take to the flame immediately and require little intervention – perhaps occasional rearrangement when the logs crumble into smaller fragments. Truly, the only slight shortcoming of the coffee logs is the amount of smoke and ash they produce. Thankfully, with Firemizer, no clumps were left and we were able to brush off the collected ash into the pan. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything about the amount of smoke each log produced when burning, but with the stove doors closed and the flue wide-open, it didn’t linger around the house.

Bio-Bean’s Coffee Logs are a revolutionary concept and make excellent use of waste that would typically be considered useless. Instead, they have managed to create a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels that packs the speed and strength of caffeine. The logs provide an excellent way to start or resurrect fires quickly and efficiently (especially when paired with a Firebuilder.) Try them for yourself by visiting now!


  1. Janet Hanley says:

    Are they more ecomonical than dry kiln logs?

    1. fire_alex says:

      Hi Janet, Thank you for your question.
      We would recommend using Kiln dried or well seasoned logs on a regular basis but we found the coffee logs to be a nice alternative should you fancy something different. the bag/sack also gives off a nice aroma (if you like the smell of coffee!) to the room.
      From an economical perspective, it’s hard to judge as there are so many variables in everyone’s preffered fires. For example, some people prefer a hottter fire and will burn through more fuel compared to a more atmospheric slow burn. Woodsure & Burnright have a list of recommneded fuels on their website should you wish to check them out.
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
      Kind Regards – Alex

  2. Joe says:

    I see some home made coffee logs use wax. Does your logs contain this ingredient and if so does the burning of the logs leave any residue that will harden onto the stove itself

  3. terie says:

    I have used coffee logs sucessfully in an open fireplace. Has anyone tried them in a Rayburn Royale or similar?

  4. Fiona says:

    Do coffee logs produce more smoke and methane than conventional wood? What non or low smoke solid fuel would you recommend for fires?

  5. Michael says:

    Do coffee logs leave soot up the flue

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