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Getting More Out Of Your Firemizer!

Getting More Out Of Your Firemizer!

The Warm weather is officially here! On the 15th March, we had the hottest day of 2017 and reached a whopping 18°C…. I know it’s not quite sunbathing heat but it’s a step in the right direction. It won’t be long now until dads and their pasty white arms are flipping burgers or delving into the garage to get out their new lawn mowers, patrolling the garden for any blade of grass too long. You might be wondering how can Firemizer benefit me in the scorching heat? Well! Firemizer works with charcoal barbecues too!

We all know that firing up the BBQ is one of the worst things known to man, all we want to do is stuff our faces with smokey delights but instead we must sit in anticipation, waiting for the barbecue to heat up. Imagine if there was a nifty piece of kit that solved this issue? Oh wait.

Firemizer works as an accelerator that gets the barbecue to cooking temperature quicker! So, if you already own a Firemizer that’s sat in your log burner, and you’re outside getting some sun, take it with you! Simply lay the Firemizer beneath the coals and light it as usual. With Firemizer getting the barbecue hotter quicker you can get more cooking time out of the charcoal available.

So, there we have it, the family have burgers on their plates and big smiles on their faces. You can officially sit back, relax and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

And don’t forget when the sky darkens and all the delicious food has been eaten, Return the Firemizer back to the log burner and keep warm in the cold nights. Firemizer can save you money, time and effort in every season.


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